a twin peaks/laura palmer fanmix // 8tracks,download 
(cover image credit, typography inspired by this)

1. PERFUME GENIUS // AWOL Marine (turn toward the camera, slowly)
2. NEKO CASE // Blacklisted (do the trees bend down, fold their limbs ‘round you?)
3. KRISTIN HERSH // Deep Wilson (indigent darkness, thick as a dream / a liquid party underneath, though I’m still shaky and weak)
4. LISA GERMANO // Forget It, It’s a Mystery (I love you ‘cause I hate me / oblivious and hurting)
5. LAURIE ANDERSON // Bright Red (and owls will answer one another there)
7. SKY FERREIRA // Night Time, My Time (I’m drowning, not waving / falling in space)
8. NEKO CASE // Ghost Wiring (why can’t you be smarter, girl? / lift up your face)

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    reblogging to remind myself to download. also, lately i’ve been having ALL the laura palmer child sexual abuse victim...
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